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School Information

Our priority in Gloucester School is the care and educational progress of our students. As a parent coming to Germany you will want to be assured that the educational opportunities we provide will allow your son or daughter to make the best possible progress.

My job, and that of all the staff of Gloucester School, is to ensure that we achieve high standards in all we do and I welcome parents and their children to visit our school to see the work we do and form their own impression. You will not be disappointed.

In February 2011 Ofsted said: 'This is a good and improving school in which the majority of students make better than expected progress in their academic work. The extent to which students feel safe and adopt healthy lifestyles is outstanding. The school has an outstanding curriculum, which is enhanced by excellent work with a wide range of external partners.'                                                                                                                                        'The pastoral care for students is strong. They are helped to get off to a very good start when they first arrive at the school and they receive very effective personal and emotional support if they are in vulnerable circumstances. With the high quality of educational provision and care, students enjoy coming to school and their attendance is above average'.                                                                                                                                                                'A very well planned curriculum provides students with a wide range of academic and vocational courses to help them meet their aspirations for the future'.

Mrs M.Strong, Headteacher